Make Your Own Sunshine

Handprinted original linocut print of an orange/yellow tribal print sun on beautiful, yellow earth handmade paper.

The sun is carved in a tribal style and printed in a slightly darker burnt-orange tone ink on a deep yellow/orange paper. The effect is of a 'barely-there' sun print as the print itself and the paper only differ slightly in colour.

The print is made by hand carving the design into linoleum using traditional Japanese printmaking tools, rolling oil-based ink onto the lino and taking an impression onto paper by passing it through my etching press. The paper is a handmade Yellow Earth Bhutanese Rhesho paper, a beautiful muted, chalky colour.

Each print is editioned and signed as part of a limited edition run of twelve prints.

This piece was created and designed by printmaker Sophia Luna in her home studio in the historical city of York.

Approximate Sizes:
Print: 9x14 cm / 3.5x5.5 inches
Paper: 17x21.5 cm / 6.75x8.5 inches

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