Mates over Dates

Handprinted original linocut print of a group of lemur friends hanging out with a jungle, leaf print background.

I have always found lemur communities really interesting and watching them reminds me of funny things about human beings and our dynamic with our friends and families. One minute they're playing together, the next they're bickering over something menial and a few moments later they're all sat together completely ignoring each other yet happy in one another's company. Five minutes of lemur watching reminds me not to take life too seriously, things are rarely as serious as they seem, and family and friends are the most valuable things in life.

Hence why this print was named 'Mates over Dates'.

The print is made by hand carving the design into linoleum using traditional Japanese printmaking tools, rolling oil-based ink onto the lino and taking an impression onto paper. The paper is premium, heavyweight Fabriano Rosaspina printmaking paper.

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