Handprinted original linocut print of a Triceratops, a genus of chasmosaurine ceratopsian dinosaur that lived during the late Maastrichtian age of the Late Cretaceous period, about 68 to 66 million years ago in what is now western North America.

This print was designed for my son, Noah :)

The print is made by hand carving the design into linoleum using traditional Japanese printmaking tools, rolling oil-based ink onto the lino and taking an impression onto paper by passing it through my etching press. The paper is premium Fabriano Rosaspina printmaking paper, heavyweight 300gsm in velvet white.

Each print is editioned and signed as part of a limited edition run of eight prints.

Approximate Sizes:
Print: 4x2.25 inches (10x6 cm)
Paper: 6x4 inches (15x10 cm)

Please bear in mind that each piece is printed by hand and therefore will vary slightly.

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