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Saaving Lives Fundraising Print


Original linocut print of a cat, gazing upwards at the sky, decorated in folk print accents including leaves, florals and stars.

All profits from this print will be donated to the charity Saaving Lives to help them continue their mission.

This print was created using traditional Japanese printmaking techniques. The design is handcarved into a linoleum block which is then loaded with relief ink. An impression of the block is taken by passing it through an etching press with paper placed on top. The paper is premium, heavyweight Fabriano Rosaspina printmaker paper.

The approximate size of the print is as follows:
Paper: 10 x 10 cm.

This is the first edition. There are 31 prints within this edition.

Due to the nature of the printmaking technique and that all prints are handprinted, please bear in mind that every print is different - no two prints are the same - which is something that I believe makes them extra special in their uniqueness!

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