Handprinted original linocut print of a nude female form, named after the ancient Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty. The design is an abstract take on a woman's naked body.

The print is made by hand carving the design into a linoleum block using traditional Japanese printmaking tools, loading the block with ink and taking an impression onto paper. The design is hand-printed on stunning handmade Nepalese mountain paper from Eastern Nepal using premium oil-based ink. The paper is made from the bark fibre of lokta, a plant which grows above 3000 metres in the Himalayan foothills and is a beautiful warm, natural colour.

Each print is editioned and signed as part of a limited edition run of six prints.

This piece was created and designed by printmaker Sophia Luna in her home studio in the historical city of York.

Approximate Sizes:
Print: 30x44.5 cm

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